Water Nymphs, 24x48" oil on panel
Water Nymphs, 24x48" oil on panel
Water Nymphs, 24x48" oil on panel

Water Nymphs, 24x48" oil on panel

Giant water lilies float gently in the ever-changing waters of their lake home. They open their flowers adorned and unafraid, showing themselves to the setting sun and accepting its warmth in return.

This original oil painting on custom wood panel measures 24 x 48" with a 2.25" edge and is gilded with metal leaf.

Honourable Mention
Praise for Water Nymphs from exhibit juror Ewa Chwojko-Srawley:

“This artwork captures the attention because of an unusual technique that combines oil and metal leaf on panel, resulting in a mesmerizing visual experience... This artwork seamlessly merges materials and techniques to craft a piece that combines precision with enchantment, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. It is a testament to simplicity, achieved through meticulous craftsmanship and creative imagination.”

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The Golden hour collection

Botanical and animal paintings that evoke the rich warmth and energy of golden hour.



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This artwork has been protected with artist-grade varnish that contains a UV stabilizer. All the same, please keep the artwork out of direct sunlight as that can fade paints over time.

To ensure longevity, please try not to handle the artwork with bare hands (cotton gloves work great!), or clean and dry your hands thoroughly before handling.

All the paintings in the Golden Hour collection were created using high-quality oil paints and metal leaf on deep wood panels.

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