Framing Your Print

From Gillian Lahav Studio


I am so excited for your new print to bring magic to your walls. You've come to the right spot if you are wondering "how should I frame this?" or "how can I can I get the best bang for my buck?"

Here are my tips for gorgeous ways to display your Gillian Lahav prints:)


Frame Style
I recommend gold, natural wood, gallery white, or unusual textured black frames for most of my artwork. Think burl wood, sandcasted black bronze, or gold bamboo for a vintage feel. My paintings and the prints that are created from them are full of warmth and natural textures. Pair your print with a frame that matches this aesthetic and it is going to look gorgeous!

Including a mat in your frame is an instant way to make the whole piece feel extra special and impressive. The print will take up more space on your wall, which will bring more attention to the beautiful artwork that you have invested in. Plus, visually, the white space of a mat will give your print space to breathe and shine.

I love playing with mat sizes and dimensions… Two of my favourite ways to get dramatic impact from your print are to go with an extra wide mat or with a weighted mat that is taller than it is wide or wider than it is tall. Swipe below to see the effect of an extra wide vs. weighted mat.


You can’t go wrong ordering a style or two online and testing them out with your print at home. Here are a few companies I love for frames: CB2, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware... and Target (for US shoppers!)

Many styles from these stores include mats, and you can purchase inexpensive alternate mats at Michael’s and similar stores if you want something different. 

REMEMBER: If you want to include a mat in your frame, you will need to order a frame size LARGER than the art print itself. For example, to frame a 16x16” print with a mat, you'll want a frame that has an opening of 20x20” or 24x24".


If you would like a custom frame created for your print, I recommend checking out a local frame shop. They will likely have a many beautiful options for you! In Toronto, I am a big fan of Akasha Art Projects. Huge selection and wonderful people.

For an affordable custom option, consider online custom framing companies like Keepsake Frames in Canada or Framebridge in the US. You ship your print to them, they frame it and mail it back to you. Easy!

For the biggest punch of character, look for a frame at a local vintage home decor or resale shop. With luck, you'll find a unique gem at a fraction of the cost of other frames. Just pop out that questionable painting inside and bring the frame to your local framing shop. They can cut a custom mat and install your print so it is ready to hang! 


DO use acid free, archival matting materials when framing any piece of artwork, and consider requesting UV protective glass if you are having your art framed professionally. 

DON'T pick a frame you don’t genuinely love. There are SOO many blah diploma frames out there. Your new art print is a treasure I hope you will cherish for years to come, so choose a frame that makes you happy when you look at it!


I hope these tips are helpful as you bring fine art into your home! I always LOVE to see the finished product, so tag @gillianlahav or send me a photo at

xo, Gillian