Hello! I’m a self-taught artist based in in Toronto. My paintings are inspired by magic in the natural world, featuring slumbering animals and lush plants set in golden light.

I paint on locally made wood panels, layering oil paints and metal leaf over exposed wood grain to achieve organic scenes with lots of movement. A hiker and former archaeologist, I look to wild plants, antique treasures, and sleepy house cats for colours and compositions that speak to me.

My recent series Golden Hour (2023) and Ephemeral (2024) invite rest and indulgence, referencing feminine figures in Art Nouveau, the rich warmth of Klimt's Golden Phase, and the mysticism of Pre-Raphaelite dream scenes.

I hope this imagery will evoke for viewers the rich warmth and energy of golden hour, that fleeting time of day when the sun casts its most magical spell.

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A little slice of heaven in Little Italy.


Meet my studio cats, Luna and Indigo.


1. Start by sketching onto
a wood panel

My panels are made by a local woodshop. I love to work their wandering wood grain into my designs.

2. Gild the background with metal leaf + block out areas of colour

Gilding is time consuming, but the process is sooo satisfying. And the result... beautiful.

3. Throw on some tunes +
paint with intention

Each of my paintings has more than 10 layers of leaf, paint, washes, and glazes... sometimes more than 30!